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basic wash price


Our Basic Wash is the perfect choice if you need an inexpensive wash to freshen up the appearance of your vehicle. We use a combination of environmentally-friendly soaps and cleaners to get the road grime and dirt gently off your car. If you maintain your car and like driving a clean car, the Basic Wash is the perfect wash to keep your car looking great. We focus on getting you in and out of our wash quickly and safely with a minimum amount of down time.

wheels price


The Wild Blue Wheels car wash is ideal if your tires need some special attention. In addition to the Basic wash, your car will be spoiled with our state-of-the-art cleaning technology, and your tires will get treated with our Wheel Cleaner and Tire Scrubber to remove the brake dust and grime that builds up in your wheels and tires. We use a wheel cleaner solution to work on your rims and wheels. We also add Underbody cleaning and protection and rinsing to get the dirt and grime out from underneath your car.

protect price


The Wild Blue Protect car wash gives you everything you would receive with the Wheels and Basic washes, but adds Triple Foam Polish, Clear Coat Protectant and Extra Jet Drying. Adding the Clear Coat Protectant will help protect your car’s paint and prevent fading. Protectants and Polishes make a difference to your paint finishes over the long-term and keeps the value of your car at its highest. We have all seen cars that have been neglected and we certainly don’t want your car to fade as the years go by.

hot wax price


The Hot Wax package is the top of the line car wash package that not only cleans your car, but uses the best polishes, shines and waxes to protect and shine your car. The hot wax package includes triple foam polish, Carnauba Hot Wax, and a tire shine to make your wheels look great. Brazilian Carnauba wax is found on Brazilian Palm Trees. The trees naturally secrete this wax on the palm leaves to protect them from the harsh Brazilian heat and sun. Using this product will give your car the show room look and protection from the sun it deserves.


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