Wild Blue Car Wash is a state-of-the-art express car wash that gives you a fun place to take a break from your busy life as we clean your car and make it shine like new! Locally owned and operated, with three locations in Colorado to serve you.

For Your Convenience

Two Colorado Locations

Serving the Colorado Springs community and surrounding Colorado areas.

barnes location

Colorado Springs


(Northeast Colorado Springs)
4389 Integrity Center Point Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Monday-Saturday: 7am to 6pm; Sunday: 8am to 6pm
Monday-Saturday: 7am to 8pm; Sunday: 8am to 6pm

pikes peak location

Colorado Springs


(Southern Colorado Springs)
86 North Academy Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Monday-Saturday: 7am to 6pm; Sunday: 8am to 6pm

Monday-Saturday: 7am to 8pm; Sunday: 8am to 6pm

Wash Menu

Choose The Right Wash For You

Whether you need to rinse off the spots from yesterday’s rain shower or power off three days of mud from an off-roading adventure, Wild Blue Car Wash has the right wash option for you. When you visit one of our Colorado locations, the friendly staff will help you choose the right wash for your vehicle.

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Questions You May Have

Will the cloth in the wash scratch my car?

Absolutely not! Car wash cloth technology has come a long way. Our soft cloth utilizes felt cloth technology that “polishes” your car as it washes it. New car manufacturers use this same high-quality cloth to clean cars fresh off the assembly line before they are wrapped and shipped. The cloth has such a small nap that it can’t hold any dirt or debris. Wild Blue Car Wash works diligently to insure that the cleaning experience is as safe as possible.

Do you provide any interior detailing?

We do not offer interior detailing for your car. We are an express, exterior car wash. We focus on giving our guests a chance to take a break from their busy day while enjoying a fast and inexpensive car wash every time. We provide free self-serve vacuums, and you can also purchase dashboard towels, wet towels, and air fresheners at your convenience at one of our vending machines.


Are there vehicle restrictions for your car wash tunnel?

We are not able to accommodate any vehicles taller than 7 feet. We ask that pickup beds be clean and free from any items and debris. We are also not able to accommodate vehicles with ladder racks hanging over the front.

Colorado Springs locations (additional restrictions): Double axle trucks (dually), and vehicles with tires wider than 12.5″ will not fit on the conveyor belt.  Ford Raptor Trucks are not permitted in the wash as their wheel base is too wide.

How often should I wash/wax my vehicle?

Wash frequency really depends on the climate and environment that you live in. In Colorado, it is important to wash frequently enough to remove pollutants from rain, dead bugs, magnesium chloride, etc. Additionally, the more you wash, the more you should wax your car.


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Unlimited Wash


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