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Charity Car Wash Program

If your a school and interested in conducting a car wash to raise money, let Wild Blue Car Wash be your partner! We offer fundraising opportunities at all of our wash locations in Colorado Springs and Aurora.

All you have to do is help us spread the word in advance; make fun, colorful signs to promote your group during the event; and have at least 10 volunteers on-site to wave cars in and speak with the customers about your cause.

Just be enthusiastic, have fun with it, and let us do the dirty work! The more positive attention your group gets and the more cars you bring into the wash, the more money you will earn. Some groups even choose to vacuum/towel dry vehicles, host a bake sale/BBQ, or do a raffle for additional donations.

During the fundraiser your school will earn 50% of our entire wash sales from the duration of your event! For more information, please contact the site manager or click here to download the application form.

Our Wild Blue Charity Wash Program is a win-win for everyone, even the environment! Did you know that we recycle 80 percent of our water through our re-claim system? Also, we only use 20 gallons of fresh water per wash, compared to a driveway or parking lot car wash, which typically uses more than three times as much water!


At Wild Blue Car Wash, we are happy to give back to our loyal customers and our Colorado communities. If you have an auction or fundraising need for your local non-profit, we would love to hear about it and see how we can help. Please download this donation request form and submit it to the site manager.


Charity Wash/Donations


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